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Huge Triangal UFO Encounter Will Leave You Amazed

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  • uploaded: Nov 15, 2012
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On 12-20-2010 while driving through Texas on their way back to Arizona (Paul Flores Sr.)&(Phyllis Flores) both in their mid 60's had more than just a sighting they had what is known as a close encounter of the 3rd kind 60 miles South/East ofEl Campo. this is their accounting of the incident. I do not have professional quality editing programs, I broke this down with windows live movie maker, If anyone can tell me where I can go to have the original video from the memory card enhanced or if a viewer can do it for me please contact me. The shape they describe which the camera couldn't pick up was amazing. I don't know if theres anyway to have this footage enhanced Contact me atwww.wakeupamerica_911@yahooor you can contact me through facebook

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  • Thenew2010#

    Thenew2010 November 16, 2012 8:00:07 AM CET

    if this is genuine then this is an awesome clip. I did had an encounter with that same red light in San Diego about a year back but it was one red light, one white and one blue.

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