Build an Emergency Heater

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AMP-3, LLChttp://www.amp-3.netAMP-3 STOREhttp://stores.amp-3.netAMP-3 BLOG this portable Emergency Heater for your vehicle preparedness kit for less than $10 per unit. Judiciously used, 4-6 pints (2-3 QT) of isopropyl alcohol will keep a car warm between 60 - 70 for approximately 24 hours.Click the link below to download a 4-page instructional PDF with clickable links. OF MATERIALS CLEAN QUART PAINT CAN & LID ROLL TOILET TISSUE QUART BOTTLE ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL BUTANE LIGHTER PAINT CAN OPENER DUCT TAPE (8 INCHES) OPTIONAL CLEAN 1 GAL PAINT CAN LIDALOKSAK ELEMENT-PROOF BAGS

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