No Prayer, fasting, animal sacrifice, etc. in Christ Jesus as our Father is not deaf and dumb like Yahweh but living, merciful and Omniscient.

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Hi Brother,

Yahweh, the demiurge god was deaf and dumb. So, the once-born children were asked to say prayers to him, a jealous and revengeful as were the natural men. But for the twice-born, our Father God, loving and merciful, is Spirit and Living. He knows the matters of our hearts and there is no need to pray to Him.

Jesus never prayed but meditated. He and Father were One. Then whom He would pray?

Messianic Jews took over the Church of God and I attach an article.

John, the Baptist came to pave the way for Christ Jesus and without Him, Jesus could not work. That is why Jesus prepared 70 outer circle Labourers in the name of John, the Baptist so that they too could prepare the way for the Twelve Apostles, who never baptised anyone in water after receiving their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

John, the Baptist never baptised a woman or a Gentile and so the 70 outer circle Labourers did.

The Bible has been corrupted by the Messianic Jews, the one who killed Jesus and His Light for they loved Darkness.

You need to prepare a New Skin for the New Wine as Christ Jesus demonstrated at Cana's Marriage Party.

So, Prayer, Fasting, animal sacrifices, etc. are the old Utencils of the Old House that our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus destroyed forever replacing that brick built temple made by human hands and his Dog-Collared Priests in Moses with the Brand New living Temple built by Nature where the living Christ of our living Father Royal Priest teaches us His Word by grace for us to Preach Gospel to others with authority of our Bride Groom Christ Jesus after we have eaten His Juicy Flesh in order to become the Fishers of Men in His honour. Women cannot be fished as stressed by Christ Thomas, "Unless a female becomes a Male, she cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God". We are the Proud Wives of Christ Jesus. Once-born Disciples of Anti Christs cannot find Christ Jesus. You must be solitary Virgin in order to enter the Narrow Gate leading to the Vineyard of our Father where you find the True Vine Christ Jesus. Unless you Graft yourself to this True Vine, you have no part in Christ Jesus but wither away. Pope and his accomplices being not solitary, they are Anti Christs.

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