Episode #271 - Secessionist Movement Is Being Co-Opted

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On this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Pete has a heart-to-heart discussion with his listeners about the extremely high potential for the secessionist movement to be co-opted in the same manner as the Tea Party, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, and the commercial interests of internet opportunists like Alex Jones. Pete clearly draws the line between opportunists like Jones; who increase their wealth on the continuance of a docile, non-resistant, fearful population, and veterans/active duty military who understand the importance of immediately shutting down the destructive forces of communism.

Santilli also describes the money making machine operated by Ron Paul which employs almost 60 members of his family. A machine which has exploited the liberty movement several times, only to let their millions of supporters down in the end. Additionally, Pete, Susanne Posel and Susannah Cole discuss the connection between Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party, and billionaire Bilderberger Peter Thiel. Although Ron Paul has reached millions in the liberty movement, since it has indisputably been propelled with the help and special interests of a known globalist, the Ron Paul phenomena has been tainted. From the negative treatment of military veteran & loyalist Adam Kokesh, to the sabotage of the political campaign, Jesse Benton has also presented indisputable evidence that Ron Paul is not in control of his own movement, and should therefore be disqualified as a leader of the secession movement.

The main message and theme of tonights show: The secessionist movement should remain leaderless. If Ron Paul and Alex Jones are truly great leaders, they will resign to the fact that their role doesn't serve the best interests of the public. Although they have tremendous reach and influence, they should be honest enough with their followers to admit that they do not possess the battle courage to lead a secession. A secession can only be presented to a corrupt federal system backed by a credible threat of Second Amendment force. Pete uses the example of the Denver eviction of Sarah Donahue as the best example that this can be done peacefully. That "Second Amendment" supporters will not fire unless fired upon, but that when 20 Colorado SWAT team members arrive on scene and are met by 2000 shotgun carrying citizens who wish to oppose and defend against oppression, that tyranny will realize it is out numbered and outgunned --- they will have to choose a different option than to represent bankster interests by force.

Santilli says, "When people are on-board a movement, its really important for us to resist the temptation to put any one person in the driver's seat of the bus. They have always shown us that they will drive us all off a cliff if it serves there personal interests. Relying upon any one person like Ron Paul or Alex Jones in any movement is not only dangerous, but history has proven that both to these popular figures have let the public down. Jones through his selective; biased journalism, and Ron Paul by his falling on his face several times right before the finish line, refusing to consider the impact on RNC voter fraud on the millions of his supporters. Ron Paul has demonstrated that the power of his own supporters has overwhelmed his capacity to lead with courage."

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