Huge Buddha Head Statue Found In Arctic Ice Melt - Google Earth

Visit me at - Look Carefully I am showing you the face and head dress of a Buddha Statue the Buddha head is staring you in the face for the entire video so if you can't see it then get some glasses that's all I can say, everyone who has been shown saw it right off top which is why I posted it if you can not find it with the coordinates I gave your doing something wrong When Google Earth released new high resolution photos of an area in Antarctica I was amazed to find this. It is accepted that Antarctica has only been covered in ice for as little as 10,000 years and we have dated cultured going back that far as new evidence keeps popping up. Is it possible this is the remains of an ancient civilization. Please comment on this one. I am also researching 3 pyramids found in the same general location

66°39'51.39"S 110°29'21.06"E

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