Killer Asteroid 2012 da14 Possible Impact on Earth - NASA Alert Deadly Asteroid

NASA Alert Killer Asteroid 2012 da14 Possible Impact on Earth, the Deadly Asteroid is definitely headed towards Earth. 2012 da14 asteroid will come so close to Earth, If it were to strike the Earth, it is estimated that it would produce the equivalent of 2.4 megatons of TNT. NASA scientists have yet to determine with 100% certainty it won't collide with Earth.2012 DA14 is a near earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of about 45 meters and an estimated mass of about 130,000 metric tons. It was discovered on February 23, 2012, by the OAM Observatory in Spain. Calculations show that on February 15, 2013, the distance between the asteroid and the Earth will be 0.09 LD, this is potentially closer than GPS satellites in geosynchronous orbit, and also closer than Elenin comet.the list of potentially dangerous asteroids to earth, dramatically increasing every day. The risk of collision with Earth is high, has happened before ... only a matter of time...Apophis vs 2012 da14 Another doomsday? Please comment on this video, we will find out the truth among allthe truth is out theresubscribe to our channel

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