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Judas Iscariot was a temptation to other to be draged into the world of Mammon but they resisted.

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Nov 19, 2012
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Hi Brethren,

Judas Iscariot was a temptation to other to be graged into the world of Mammon but they resisted.

If God knew that Judas would betray His Son, why did He not stop him? Perhaps (and lets be humble in our opinion here since none of us kmow) Judas was the instrument of God. Without Judas, there would have been no Crucifixion and Resurrection which is fundamental to Christian Belief. Are you saying also that the All knowing God did not know that Judas betrayal would persecute His Chosen People to this day? Forgiveness is central to Christs Teachings, yet we still demonize The Disciple Judas.
itgetseasierlessitryin reply to blesstv(Show the comment) 7 hours ago
Judas did not profit from Christs Crucifixion, so even if his betrayal of Christ was an act of free will without God, why did guilt drive him to suicide? Perhaps our demonization of Judas is because he continues to be a mirror of what we all fear that we are capable of. Have we not all betrayed Christ and still do? We all have the Judas gene, that is why Gods Son died for our salvation. Are you saying then that Judas has not been forgiven by Our Resurrected Christ?
itgetseasierlessitryin reply to blesstv(Show the comment) 6 hours ago
Judas Iscariot got himself chosen. Jesus did not pick him up but he requested to be taken into.
Christ Jesus presented an example that how the other Labourers were righteous and they were not tempted by the greed of Judas Iscariot? The same we observe in our daily life. There are crooks who try to drag others into their circles but the men of God keep aloof.
Rajinder Nijjharin reply to itgetseasierlessitry(Show the comment) 1 second ago

In Jesus, we are solitary capable of entering into the Royal House of our Father. Fake Church Fathers are not solitary and we cannot have two Fathers in the Royal House of our Father. Master Fake Judas Iscariot was thrown out by our Father as he was not properly dressed for the Marriage of the anointed Son Christ Jesus to whom the Eleven chosen Virgins got married. Although they were married to the Son, yet they were Solitary Virgins. Saul got Holy Spirit at the Damascus experience and got Married to Christ Jesus. He was never Baptised or served Eucharist. Baptism and Eucharist is for the Jewish people for they were not the SONS OF ABRAHAM.

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