'A mysterious "Council of Nine" decides war and peace in the Middle East' [Webster Tarpley © PressTV]

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Netanyahou could easily fall in the coming elections says Webster Tarpley and he could be replaced by somebody more reasonable ( an Olmert led coalition ) , Israel is more isolated than ever and a ground invasion will isolate it further ....

According to an analyst, the attack on Gaza will fail militarily and in fact has already been politically defeated with Benjamin Netanyahu's career on the line. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is up for an election on January 22, is believed to have attacked the Gaza Strip to help boost his chances for his reelection. However, unlike the 2006 war on Gaza this time the resistance is better prepared. Press TV has interviewed Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, Washington, to further discuss Netanyahu, his relationship with the United States and his Gaza strategies.

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