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2 American Doctors Inspect Presumed Alien Skeleton

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  • uploaded: Nov 20, 2012
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  • Michael777#

    Michael777 November 26, 2012 12:22:19 AM CET

    Its true that this is not the "normal" shape for hydrocephalus... however it could be made that shape if we include the practice of skull binding. That said, there is all kinds of evidence that we've been kept from good evidence of the "nephilim" that existed on earth, as a result of the elohim interbreeding with humans and animals - likely through technology, and advanced DNA manipulation. So it really wouldn't be a surprise to find so-called "hybrids" since that is exactly what Genesis and the book of Enoch have been telling us for THOUSANDS of years. It's only because we've been kept in the dark that we think this is anything "new".

  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad November 25, 2012 9:56:08 PM CET

    Good one this week!
    Hydrocephaly does cause a beach ball shape to the head not this well balanced formed shape.
    Learn more about this at LLoyd Pyes website where it goes into great depth about the subject.

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