Faraday Society - Spiritually blind scientists - Please wake up from the slumber of Anti Christs. Anti Christ Popes killed many free thinkers.

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Faraday Society - Spiritually blind scientists - Please wake up from the slumber of Anti Christs. Anti Christ Popes killed many free thinkers.


Hi Brethren,

I enjoyed attending the Seminar on 19 November and I am the Indian with turban and beard putting on the funny Hoody with strange messages both from Christ Jesus in the front and His Second Coming Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji, in the Punjab in 1469 in the back. I will enclose the features of the design with this message.

I hail from the Punjab very close to the Birth Place of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and my late father was also a science graduate and of upright character. He stopped many sectarian riots by telling people that a Sikh and a Muslim are spiritual selves that are never born and never die as a Jew is one who is inwardly and not outwardly but the tribal selves are born and will die during the riots. Over 2000 people of neighbouring village came to attack our village and this Gospel Truth turned them into our best friends in Allah that stands for our spiritual Father, Al-ilah and it conveys better sense than God. All of them instead of killing us looked after us as an apple of their eyes.

My father died in 1980 and then I started writing in his honour. In 1982, I studied the New Testament and wrote exposition of Matthew. In 1983, we moved from Ghana where I was a Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy to Reading to educate my daughters. Elder one did Ph.D. in particle physics and the younger in M.Sc. in environmental sciences.

I founded Oxford Gnostic Fellowship in 1984 and rendered exposition of the Parables of the New Testament, Gospel of Christ Thomas, etc. but found very little response because the Gnostic views are original and not the Book knowledge. For example, people address God and Christ Jesus as Lords and how sweet it is but they don’t know that they have put them into the kingdom of Satan where there are slave Disciples. Popes taught them a good lesson in keeping their mouths shut or get killed. No freedom or freewill in Lords as Lords have slaves. Whereas John clearly stressed that Christ Jesus came to make us the Sons of Most High God capable of inheriting the Royal Kingdom of God that the slave Disciples are not allowed to enter into. This is demonstrated by Abraham when he put the slave woman Hagar and her son Ishmael outside the boundaries of the Promised Land to stress that the Promised Land is for his son Isaac born of the Free woman Sarah.

Thus, in the Royal Kingdom of God, we have God as our Father; Holy Spirit, the Mouth of God, as our Mother and that of Jesus as well and finally the one who represents the Father is His Seed the Son and not daughter. Woman Mary was Surrogate mother of Jesus as Joseph was the Foster father of Jesus. Thus, in this Royal Kingdom of our Father God, we enjoy the Family Love called STORGE in which there is neither giving nor taking as stressed by Christ Jesus in the Parable of a woman marrying the Seventh brother of her dead husband. The Seventh One represented by the Middle Candle of Menorah is our Father God in which sense Christ Jesus is the Lord of Sabbath. In Jesus, least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than the Ideal Rabbi Angel John, the Baptist or the Royal Priests are greater than these hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Churches.

Gospel comes from your own mouth and not from the Bible that is corruptible.

My lectures and Seminars are totally FREE as I get paid by my Father in His own Currency, Gospel Treasures. I have over 2700 Youtube Videos; channel nijjhar1.

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