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ALERT! PROOF The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!


MUST SEE!!! You owe it to yourself to watch at least the first 10 minutes of this video! Trust me, you DONT want to MISS THIS!!! Links to a few others who have put alot of work into this subject as well:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7RQa4vreBw&feature=plcphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhKBUMCG9zE&feature=channel&list=ULhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVwnDSukmvM&feature=fvsrThank you to those who support this work!!! If you would like to contribute to the research and work required to make these videos, you can make an anonymous donation. Paypal keeps your information private. Every little bit helps! BIG THANK YOU to those who do!!! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZFD...

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  • Michael777#

    Michael777 November 26, 2012 12:05:02 AM CET

    To the below commentators.. its too bad your aversion to "religion" and your closed minds kept you from the warnings that Jonathan Cahn CLEARLY and meticulously laid out for Sid Roth and the viewers. Scoff all you want lads.... the judgement is clearly on its way, and with it comes a global religious and monetary system for the rest of the world that you'll be forced to obey. You rejected Yeshua's free offer, so now comes your adversary who will force you to receive his, through lies and intimidation.

  • Sttoad#

    Sttoad November 25, 2012 9:48:44 PM CET

    27 seconds and I am done. Religious manipulative tripe.
    Sure go ahead and push a religion that supports pedophiles and child abuse. Oh and let's not forget the genocides of the past. Jihad and Crusades and killing all the Gentiles.

    Read or watch Mauro Biglino and learn what the bible really said. You know those ten agreements and that contract between Moses and Yahweh.

    The words were written "And Moses asked Yahweh "Why should I choose you over the OTHER GODS?"

    Moses chose Yahweh not the other way around.

    And while I have your attention, ever wonder why Israel keeps attacking Gaza? it was reported back in August 27, 1927 by "the Evening tribune" under the title "Dead sea to yield trillion in riches" that a

    "technical report of the Dead sea minerals gives the following estimate of contents and values. Potash: $70, 000,000,000; Bromide: $260,000,000,000; Salt $17,000,000,000; Gypsum: $120,000,000,000; Magnesium chloride: $523,000,000,000." [5]

    Actual News Article which can be viewed here http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=iT1hAAAAIBAJ&sjid=ZGMNAAAAIBAJ&pg=3...

    This assessment, according to the Evening tribune was made by "skilled geologists" after General Edmund Allenby captured Jerusalem in December 1917. In addition to these findings it was reported by "Popular Science" in Septemeber of 1929 that Dr. Georges Claude discovered $50,000,000,000 worth of gold contained in the dead sea.[6] It is also worth mentioning that the Rothschilds had their agents on the ground long before any of those assessments were conducted [7] and when one considers the banking families legendary "know how" of staying 2 steps ahead of everyone, it is not so far fetched to imagine they were well aware of this in advance. It is also interesting that Herzl at first was met with resistance by the House of Rothschild, this as we know now changed, perhaps due to Herzls persistence and gain in public support, thus proving himself a useful instrument.

    So folks like always it is the money.

  • Temps13#

    Temps13 November 25, 2012 4:25:07 PM CET

    God is Enki/Ptah/Nuddimud/Khonsu..etc etc lucifer..satan..the being in charge of our genetic engineering is the masonic god..the god of the old testament who massacres humans all the time is Enlil..Nibiry=u is due around 3000ad..the Anunnaki still control everything the top 1 per cent do..they are there best "slaves"

  • marthadog#

    marthadog November 24, 2012 2:02:40 AM CET

    interpretations of interpretations of interpretations, no.

    the only thing any ritual proves is how weak of mind the participants are.
    they can only do against us, what is humanly possible , and only if we allow them to.

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