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Could This Be The TR-3B - Govt UFO ASTRA ?

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  • uploaded: Nov 23, 2012
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The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B's (code-named Astra) first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid 80s.Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs

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  • mandyksmith2#

    mandyksmith2 January 6, 2013 9:46:45 PM CET

    This explaines allot, especially with what Gary Mckinnon says he found out through hacking the US Computers.

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