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Antimatter: The Future is Now is a free inspiring documentary about a sustainable path for human civilization on earth and in space. Antimatter: The Future is Now presents many methods of propulsion including ion propulsion and also provides a new roadmap toward new innovative space propulsion systems that are founded in both nature and theory. The Vortex is found all through nature, tornadoes, hurricanes, spiral galaxies, a supermassive black hole creates jets of particles traveling near the speed of light, a vortex helps maple seeds defy gravity and fly long distances, and so much more. Notice how hurricanes and spiral galaxies look alike and they are different scales? I work full time in a wood shop and I am living paycheck to paycheck, If you can donate with paypal here is a secure link:

A solar flare in July 2002 created a half-kilo (about one pound) of antimatter. Antimatter factories in space could make use of the natural particle accelerators in space, on Earth particle accelerators use a lot of energy to speed particles up which is why antimatter is expensive to produce right now. Upon annihilation with matter, antimatter offers the highest energy density of any material currently found on Earth. Nuclear reactors are radioactive even after their fuel is used up. A positron spacecraft would release a flash of gamma-rays if it exploded, but the gamma rays would be gone in an instant. There would be no radioactive particles to drift on the wind. The flash would also be confined to a relatively small area. The danger zone would be about a kilometer (about a half-mile) around the spacecraft. An ordinary large chemically-powered rocket has a danger zone of about the same size, due to the big fireball that would result from its explosion.

There is so much technology and science that exists, scientists even conclude we could settle space with rockets with present technology! There is a lack of public interest in sustaining civilization. All the money spent on entertainment was more than enough to start developing a sustainable hemp/space industry. Cannabis prohibition is keeping the cost of living artificially high while nobody dies from cannabis and coffee kills people. Renewable hemp fuel can make all poisonous forms of energy obsolete that will speed up development of space allowing for technologies to be developed faster and save the world. Poisonous pollution is a big source of sickness and disease that cannabis can cure. There is a failure of the scientific community to investigate cannabis curing cancer and tell the masses the truth about cannabis that would allow people to come to accurate conclusions.

Several near earth asteroids have value over 1 Trillion Dollars. Asteroids can contain anything from iron, platinum, silver, gold, water, silicone and more can be mined from asteroids easier than on Earth. Lightweight, high temperature solar ovens will revolutionize material refining.

I suggest researching the science verifying the sources.

Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity

I used NASA videos are from that are public domain

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