Episode #278 - A Talk About Where Did The Towers Go - By Dr. Judy Wood

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On this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:
Pete breaks down the entire forward to Dr. Judy Wood's book, "Where Did The Towers Go" written by Eric Larsen. 

"I wrote it partly because I have known for many years about Dr. Wood's research; partly because I have followed the website that Dr. Wood has maintained (http://www.drjudywood.com/); and partly because I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to write that Foreword." ~Eric Larsen

In tonight's broadcast, Pete offers all listeners a 100% guarantee that if they purchase the book, they will learn something remarkable about 9-11 which they hadn't known before they purchased and read the book. Pete especially emphasizes the point that the book contains factual evidence of WHAT took place on 9-11, not how 9-11 occurred, or who committed the crimes on 9-11, and Pete suggests that to ignore the evidence contained in this 500 page textbook is to disregard facts from that horrifying day.

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