Supporting Truth is Important Disinfo delusional group think Media Blackout

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Nov 24, 2012
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Do your own research, supporting truth is important because there is so much disinformation and delusional group think everywhere, so many people say you can't do anything to change the world, which is wrong because growing weed saves the world, creates oxygen, breathes in CO2. Everything you can do can help, disinfo agents are disliking the truth because of their conflict of interest. Why is it disinformation gets support and people ridicule the truth without investigation but follow the mainstream disinformation? Actually to say supporting the truth is important is an understatement! It's more important than ever! It's 2012 the world needs to get past the confusion about how cannabis does not kill people and we need to end prohibition, there is evidence cannabis can cure cancer, it's too expensive to make for most people like me. I work full time in a wood shop around cancer causing chemicals and then I spend the rest of my time after to save the world even when I am tired. If I didn't have my job I wouldn't be able to have money to pay my bills to make an effort to educate others!

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