Melted UFO? Alien Egg Pod? Found In The Gulf Of Mexico!

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Nov 26, 2012
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During the oil disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico as I was monitoring the live camera feeds I noticed that they had attached some very large black objects to the front of the ROV's, at first they looked like some type of mine sweepers to me... They searched for days back and forth sweeping different areas and I kept thinking "What are they looking for?" And then they found this object and all the searching stopped and then it made more sense to me, the attachments were metal detectors! OK, so now the question is "What is it?" They wouldnt be searching for "Coral" with metal detectors...It looks like it is metal that was molten possibly on entry to out atmosphere? Could it be part of a melted and crashed UFO? What about some of the other strange looking pieces of equipment I have shown being brought to the surface could they be parts and pieces of a crashed UFO such as 2:00 in to this video: just what are those metal pieces embedded in it? Maybe thats what put the hole in the Deep Water Horizon heli pad and created the damage that eventually caused the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon drilling rig platform?Is it some type of Alien Egg Pod? It does resemble a nest of some type but a nest made out of metal? So many strange things that bring up many, many questions... Sadly we have no answers and what we have been told is clearly all lies... Please be safe and dont eat anything out of the Gulf and dont go in that water! A young boy on vacation with his family stepped in a dark pool of water on the beach and only a short few hours later he was dead!

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