Zionism in Britain: 'BICOM's pro-Israeli censorship' [the Monarchy © PressTV]

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Richard Millet, Geoffrey Alderman, Hillary Wise and Michael Kalmanovitz.

BICOM (Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre) and its role in pro-Israeli censorship in the British media. International: Britain's three main political parties renew an all out support for Israeli crimes in Gaza. This will be a review on their latest stance and their links to Zionist lobbies.

Economy: Annual bilateral trade exceeds US $3 billion and over 300 known Israeli companies are operating in Britain. This comes as major British companies are also active in Israel mostly in security and military industries. Debate: The British foreign secretary has blamed Hamas of igniting tensions. This comes as the British chief rabbi claimed that Iran is behind all atrocities. Are British politicians trying to justify the crimes on Israel's behalf?

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