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While filming desert wildlife in Tucson Arizona, I noticed a bright silver white object high in the sky. The star was stationary and never moved, and the movement is that of the camera of which is a 1988 Magnavox analog camera/vcr with only 6x optical zoom. The camera has a small eyepeice viewfinder and can only be viewed in black and white and could not see the object in the viewfinder, so I pointed the camera in the direction of the star, trying not to move the camera as much. The star seemingly had geometric angles as if it were a being like a watcher scoping and watching the area. I had been filming all day, watching military aircraft. passenger jets, a helicopter, and all sorts of birds flying in the sky when a star appeared all of a sudden and remained motionless sparkling silver and white of which lasted a few minutes. Just as it had appeared, it had vanished. The star appeared about 4:30 p.m. facing the Rincon(east) mountains and looking up. This was not a palne, jet, bird nor satellite.

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