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SHOWN FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY === 21 OCT. 1978 - 4TH SEASON EPISODE 69 - Frank Zappa was unpopular with the cast and crew through both rehearsals and taping of the episode, possibly in part due to the fact that their lax views on drug and alcohol consumption did not mesh with his rigid anti-drug stance.[1] This was highlighted in the sketch "Night on Freak Mountain", which also featured Paul Shaffer as Don Kirshner.
Throughout the episode, he regularly mugged for the camera and frequently noted to the audience that he was reading from cue cards.[1] Following the episode, he was banned from Saturday Night Live and would not appear on the program again before his death in 1993.[1]
Zappa and his band performed three songs that had not been released at that point: "Dancin' Fool" from the 1979's Sheik Yerbouti, "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing" from 1981's You Are What You Is, and the instrumental "Rollo", which had been cut from 1973's Apostrophe (') and would remain unreleased until 2006's Imaginary Diseases.[1]
During Zappa's performance of "Rollo", John Belushi, in character as Samurai Futaba, briefly appeared onstage with the group.[1] Singing into a microphone duct taped to the body of an electric guitar, Belushi carried out a call and response bit with Zappa's band.

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