ALEX JONES Satanist 4 Stratfor ISRAEL Exposed

there are no other conclusions based on the fact that he OMITS and blocks and deletes when you ask him ANYTHING SERIOUS. I warned you guys before DO not listen to what they say watch what they do. He hangs around with Hollywood Satanists. Does Satanist symbology and BLOCKS anyone who has pertinent info which must be addressed. He had the STRATFOR STUFF removed and blocked me from his pages, forums and facebook. NOT JUST ME...several other people.if you are in to Satan and the Jewish are OBLIGATED to lie. It must be the opposite. Just look at life in general.CURES are poisons. Food is garbage. Peace is war. ETC...because WE ARE UNDER TALMUDIC law. Google any president with the RABBI's. BRITISH ISRAELIANS.This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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