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Episode #279 - Alex Jones Hires Former Analyst of CIA-Front Stratfor - Molly Maroney, Editor


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On this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

On July 2012, Molly Maroney joined the InfoWars team with a resume that should send conspiracy theorists frothing at the mouth with excitement. 
On Wednesday 11/21 it was brought to our attention that a video was posted November 20, 2012 by independent YouTuber MsSherrieLea: ALEX JONES Satanist 4 Stratfor ISRAEL Exposed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSxB8MHBnbQ&feature=plcp

Here's where the story gets very, very interesting:
An extremely reliable, confidential government informant connected to the Central Intelligence Agency has verified with Pete Santilli that Stratfor is much more than a "Commercial Intelligence" agency operating in the private sector.   It has been confirmed that Stratfor allows the CIA to conduct surveillance operations within the United States under cover of a private U.S. Corporation --Stratfor --- which is contracted to "sell" intelligence data to government agencies including branches of the military, DOD contractors such as Trapwire, etc. 

Essentially, our entire corporate & government chain of command receives "privately acquired" intelligence data from C.I.A. front Statfor, whose profits total in the 10's of millions (per confidential internal emails released by ANONYMOUS).

For many months, Pete Santilli has received tips from reliable, high level informants who have indicated that they suspect InfoWars.com may somehow be connected to Austin, Texas based Stratfor Global Intelligence.  Informants have also revealed that Alex Jones requires anyone who visits his new production facility which contains his primary computer servers must sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement", prohibiting them from disclosing the exact geographical location of his high security facility.   There is high speculation expressed by insiders that InfoWars servers are within close proximity to Stratfor, and informants have told us they believe Infowars.com may actually be selling user data directly to Stratfor.

InfoWars.com has hired a former Parker Media and Stratfor analyst Molly Maroney, both organizations known to have close government intelligence ties including the CIA.  When confronted by MsSherrieLea with the facts about Ms. Maroney, Infowars terminated all access to InfoWars, Planet Infowars, as well had various YouTube Accounts suspended.

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  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy November 29, 2012 1:32:33 PM CET

    strange that there are no posts about this in the forums (has dtv been infiltrated as some have indicated ?)
    i just read the santilli post @ "http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/11/infowars-editor-in-chief-is-former-analyst-for-cia-front-stratfor-2502024.html" (remove quotes)
    and out of 385 replys 90% were just trolling santilli (only about 6 trolls) and had zero to do with the subject .... that says something.

    i dont know much about this santilli guy but he does himself no favors imo associating himself with dr judy woods theory about 911 ........ but still this was not his story ......... talk about shooting the messenger !

    you dont need to be a rocket scientist to know AJ is a fear mungering sensationalist
    who sold out to the man many years ago for the proverbial $ ......... but is this new employee really working for stratfor/cia/mossad ect ect now ? ....... her behavior since this story broke does smell pretty bad ...... removal of her linkin details then changing them ....... her twitter feed is missing posts from july 2012 ....... considering she was tweeting several times a month for the past year or two then nothing in july when she started working for infantwars does seem suspicious ...... i dont tweet myself so i dont know if you can delete your old tweets, but i assume you can.

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