Jerusalem UFO, close-up from Western Wall: Probably fake.

Jerusalem UFO: New video surfaces plus other evidence

Michael Cohen

It has now been around six weeks since we broke the story of the UFO that was seen and filmed by multiple witnesses as it descended to just above the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel and interest in the event has not faded away. A number of attempts have been made to discredit and disprove the event, however most observers agree these efforts have been futile, seeming to many to be obviously flawed and hatched with an agenda fearful of the notion of alien visitation.
Up until recently four alleged videos have come to light of the event. One of these videos, supposedly taken by a group of American tourists (referred to as the 3rd video), is seen by most commentators as a fake created specifically to downplay or even discredit the event.

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