Chemtrails-nanoparticles, Brain Chips, programmed with frequencies, nano-tech in needles.

Be prepared to be shocked...some scientists researching Morgellons Disease, have noted that the unusual wire filaments growing from the crystals formed in the lesions are very difficult to destroy and identify. There have been suggestions that the chemtrails have nano-particles in the spray we eventually breath. Nanotechnology particles can have convergent qualities, meaning the nano particles can be attracted to each other and combine to form larger units inside us. Miniscule machines that can pass through cell walls. Nano particles can be introduced via needles or even our food supply. They are conducting experiments in a Kentucky mental hospital with implants on patients without the patients knowledge. They are spraying the worlds population in a massive clandestine program but it is officially denied. The people of the world are VICTIMS of a mass DECEPTION and MANIPULATION......research and communicate...find awareness groups to join and find solidarity and find ways to combat this INSANE covert plan....all linked to the auspicious plan of the United Nations Agenda 21, the ruling global elites road-map for the 21st Century. FIND OUT all you can about UN agenda 21 and what we all can do about this......PEACE 4 ALL

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