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Doctor claims he has evidence of the afterlife - Dr. Jeffrey Long on the Today Show


Dr. Jeffrey Long on the Today Show - 1/20/2010

This is an older appearance from earlier in the year, but I want to continue posting NDE-related videos as I come across them.

It's always interesting to hear the wild variety of anecdotes when it comes to the survivors of NDEs. With any consistent evidence for the survival of physical death, I anticipate some very fascinating angles taken in the Atheist vs. Theist debate circuit.

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  • Odinski#

    Odinski December 1, 2012 6:49:00 AM CET

    I almost had a near death experience. I found myself standing in front of this tunnel and thought I was dead. People say that you have to go thru the tunnel to the light so I started towards the light as I was going to the light all of sudden it was a train coming my way I thought to myself if you’re not dead you will be” RUN” and I woke up scared as hell

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