Hitlers top secret UFO projects - Operation Paperclip

During WW2 the nazis had several secret projects, most of them had a very super special secret clearance named "Cosmic Top Secret"
Many former WW2 projects are still secret buried by the Americans, Russians and Germans.
This is the true story of the nazi scientists that was hired by the Americans after WW2. This is the real truth, and it´s being denied because the technology discovered back then, rooms great potential for the rich an greedy powerfull people that control the world...
some of the UFO´s that are seen across the world, is indeed former Nazi/german technology, some human made, others designed after reverse engineered captured/crashed UFO.
The reason for covering up the fact that UFO and Aliens exits is, it would offend alot of people, (relligions) people find it diffecult to believe on the unknown... we are thought since we are small, that a "God" created the alfa omega, this is NOT the case...
Enjoy the truth, peace

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