History of Psychedelic Research and Therapy Pt.3/5

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History of Psychedelic Research and Therapy

A 1997 documentery on scientifric drug research and therapy related topics. Contains some great historical footage from the early research but also talks to the new generation of researchers looking at compounds such as DMT, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine. Interviews with doctore who now are the senior figures in this growing area.

Part one: Introduction to LSD therapy in the late 1950\\\'s treating alcohol addiction and other things, discussing Hoffers good work and others.

Part two: Creativity on LSD experiments, info about government experiments where they pretty much tortured people on lsd to say it didn\\\'t work and was dangerous, then Dr.Grob talks about Amazonians using DMT.

Part 3: Dr.Grob study on the Christian UDV groups in Brazil and how they use DMT based tea in very positive ways. Then interview with Rick Strassman on how he convinced the government to let him do his dmt research.

Part 4: Speaking about the quite positive response to Dr.Strassman research, then about the research done later on ibogaine and its amazing results in treating cocaine addiction (but its also AMAZING at treating any addiction for that matter, but not very profitable, so you dont hear about it much) then about how a nobel laureate was inspired by LSD.

Part 5: Mullins talks about how psychedelics helped his creativity and helped him get his nobel prize, about how aspects of the internet were created by people on psychedelics, and general outro.

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