Astrology Forecast for November 28, 2012

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I am no longer fooledInto giving my attentionTo headlines full of newsand fear-filled distractionsI AM HERE TO LEARN TO LOVEThrough focused concentration,Forever in devotion,Humility and compassion.So who ever thought the Great Awakening would look like this ha ha?! We must not forget that out of mass confusion and chaos (Neptune now in Pisces) will emerge the individuated, liberated consciousness (Uranus now in Aries)! I think we have to face it that all our buttons are going to get pushed (some simultaneously) to trigger our evolution these days.In this week's Pele Report I go into the 3 levels of love and truly feel that this time of awakening is an awakening to love in a new sense of the word. This spiritual love that goes beyond our personal ego needs requires getting over a lot of them (needs that is!). All this Scorpio energy is making us personally quite uncomfortable as it urges us on to think/feel into wider and wider realities. One answer can be to open to and focus upon the greater good of the greater whole and put some of our own "stuff" on hold for a bit. If we focus on unconditional giving it WILL come back around and ALL our needs (and more) will be fulfilled. Give it a shot..... best of all.... aloha......Kaypacha

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