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Edgar Fouche - Alien Rapture (Full 1998 presentation) w/ Extras

Edgar Fouche's original 1998 presentation of "Alien Rapture" to the International UFO CongressTalk with Edgar Fouche 1 on 1 and ask him questions!Edgar Fouche -- Live -- AlienScientist Forum -- Special Guest Media Associates 1998For a written transcript and to find images of all the slides presented please visit: Fouche's Career Documents and supporting paperwork: Has helped me to debunk a lot of the frauds out there who talk about Area 51, taught me an incredible amount about Government Documents, Classification, procedures, etc. A pre-edit copy of Edgar Fouche's book can be read here for free, although I suggest you also buy the book from the publisher so you can see what was edited out: download and save this file in case it "disappears")"Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" by Paul LaViolette"Unconventional Flying Objects" by Dr. Paul Hill. The MJ-12 Documents from Ed Fouche's book "Alien Rapture": Majestic 12 Preliminary Analytical Report(Attachment D. Part B. Section 3.) (Autopsy Report) ORDER (Unnumbered Order) President Ronald Wilson Regan (Authorized By Proxy) REVISED CHARTER MARS JUPITER - TWELVE COMMITTEE:

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