Out of the Blue - UFO Documentary FULL

Out of the Blue, which first aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, is an excellent, sound, and sober documentary that ends up being as much about the cover-up as the UFO phenomenon itself, which is only to be expected since the two cannot be separated until the dark veil of truth is finally torn asunder. While you can't even begin to examine more than a few of the most compelling UFO cases in such a short amount of time, the video does offer a good overview of the history of UFO activity and highlights a select number of important sightings and events from various parts of the world. A vast array of experts (scientists, astronauts, cosmonauts, physicists, pilots, military officers, government officials) are consulted, and many competent witnesses describe what they saw or experienced. Roswell, Rendlesham Forest, the 1976 Iranian air force encounter, and the more recent Phoenix Lights are all mentioned, but the scientific rigor of the presentation precludes any mention of more sensational topics such as alien abduction. Among the most significant (but less famous) events touched upon are Gordon Cooper's filming of a craft landing and taking off from a California military base in 1955 (the film disappeared after it got to D.C.), footage of a Trident missile being blown apart by laser-beam-like weapons from a UFO, and the disabling of 10-20 nuclear missiles in Montana missile silos by a UFO which hovered over the base in broad daylight.

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