Interview Wernherr von Braun & Hermann Oberth [subtitle]

This interview is from June 24, 1969 broadcasted by a german TV station (N3).
Von Braun visited Oberth -his mentor- due to his 75th birthday.
The interview is about the inspiration of von Braun, the "fate" of masterminds, the economical aspects of space flight and has even a little anectode in it..

This video gives testimony of the strength of will and enthusiasm. Hold on to your dreams.
Wernherr von Braun said: "Everything from which man can make an idea of, is achievable."

stay blessed!

PS: (If you are interested in the pioneer space flight the person Conrad Haas could be of interest to you. He was born in the 16th century, ironically also in Transylvania (Siebenb├╝rgen) like Wernherr von Braun. His documents have been rediscovered in 1961 and deals with different types of rockets and the idea of modern spaceships.)

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