Pastafarians demand equal rights, shocking County Commissioners

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Read more: the Evangelical Pastafarian facebook page: the confusion as Pastafarian Minister Tracy and parishioner Tommy R address Pennsylvania County Commissioners to request equal rights to display holiday decorations if Christians and Jews are allowed to do so. As you know, Pastafarianism is a serious religion, and if government is going to recognize one religion, it should recognize all of them.Text of Tracy's remarks:Good morning Commissioners,It is my honor to address you today.Last December as I drove through West Chester, I saw the holiday displays in front of the court house. Prominently displayed were the Jewish Menorah and a Christian Nativity display, depicting the birth of Christ. These symbols represent the meaning of the holiday season to two religious communities in our area. I could not help but feel that the display was incomplete, as there was no acknowledgment of my religion, which I share with a fellowship of others in our area. I am speaking of Pastafarianism.I became a Pastafarian three years ago when I felt my Lord speak to me. I answered him -- Ramen -- and have followed him ever since. As a Pastafarian, I believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the world and all that is in it. He holds us all to the ground with his Noodly Appendages, which explains why we do not float away. He gave us suggestions for living, called The Eight I Really Would Rather You Didn'ts, that guide Pastafarians in our daily lives. Our gospel makes it clear that Pastafarians are to stand for all that is good, and to stand against all that is not good.The Holiday season is very important to Pastafarians, as it coincides with our primary holiday, which is called Holiday. It is a time of joyful feasting, with unlimited pasta and grog, the favored drink of Our Lord. As pastor of the Evangelical Pastafarian Church, I lead my congregation through this time. Our church has more than 10,000 members, many of them local; the wider Pastafarian church has a membership in the millions. It would be meaningful to our congregation to see our faith recognized on public property at the Chester County Courthouse in the same way that the Christian and Jewish religions are currently acknowledged.As a member of a religious minority, I am keenly aware of discrimination. Many people find my religion laughable; in fact, you may have this view yourselves. In the words of Isaac Asimov, one man's religion is another man's belly laugh. However, as Peter Cameron has said, one man's nonsense is another man's sense. I ask that, regardless of your own beliefs, you show your commitment to equal rights and the First Amendment by allowing our church to erect a holiday display on the courthouse lawn that is equal in visibility to the Christian and Jewish installations. I am committed to seeing equality come to the Chester County Courthouse lawn, and I trust that you are too. Thank you for your time.

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