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Chemtrails and Morgellons - Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology 2011

  • Uploaded by Fal2grace on Nov 30, 2012
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Chemtrails and Morgellons - Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (2011)Check the video I did back in 2007 when the nanotech-agent's links to the chemtrailing process were only just being suggested : "As the natural world dies around us, what will take its place? Planetary engineering includes bioremediation measures to bring us genetically engineered trees and crops. And what of humans themselves? How are we being transformed from the inside out?Presented at Conspiracy Con 2011, this 1 hour power point presentation by Sofia Smallstorm introduces primary and scientific findings hidden in the muffles of mainstream alternative media."Video from Conspiracy Con 2011 - google their event site for moreSeeded by Exopolitics UK -

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