Response to Ian Ramsay Lecture at Trinity College, Oxford on 29 November, 2012.

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I go to Oxford by catching public transport free Bus and the last one leaves 2120. So, I have to leave the lectures before they finish. I have requested Bro. Andrew to put half an hour earlier but he does not agree to. Never mind. Full information abou...

I go to Oxford by catching public transport free Bus and the last one leaves 2120. So, I have to leave the lectures before they finish. I have requested Bro. Andrew to put half an hour earlier but he does not agree to. Never mind. Full information about these lectures on the website of Theology Faculty, Oxford under events.

Hi Brother Raymond,

I attended your lecture at Oxford University and had funny T-shirt/ Hoody about Christianity – A Lamp on living Lampstand. I attach the design of this t-shirt for you to study and also a new design I am sorting out.

I have put many Videos on Youtube and in spirit, I study Christianity coming up with new revelations. The newest was last week when I realised that none of the Twelve Labourers of Christ Jesus baptised anyone in water after the death of Angel John, the Baptist but the outer circle 70 Labourers that Christ Jesus prepared for John, the Baptist, the Best men singing at the Marriage of the Son, Christ Jesus. The first call was to the Jews, His own, to come to the Wedding Party or become Apostles in His name, Wives, but none of them turned up except the One He had chosen out of them. Next call was to the Gentile and many turned up. When Father appeared to welcome them, He found one man not properly dressed for the Wedding and that was Judas Iscariot, a Thieve who was thrown out by Jesus at Last Supper before He treated the Rest Eleven by washing their Feet to welcome them into the House of our Father, which Simon, the Pharisee did not but a prostitute Mary Magdalene did with her tears of extreme Philia Love – she had ears to hear His Word. Then, He sealed the Marriage with the New Covenant through Eucharist. He started His Ministry with the Saying, “Unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus, understand the Words spoken by the Mouth of Jesus and then Digest it over your heart and Preach without fear from your own mouth in honour of Christ Jesus that is called Drinking the Blood of Christ, from the very same Cup as Christ Jesus was Drinking, you have no part in me”. This he said after feeding the hungry stomachs with heavenly Bread but all of the 5,000 Jews being the men of letters as you find them in the Universities, took the literal sense and left him for a mad man. Then, He challenged His own hired Labourers if they too would like to leave Him? Peter answered, No, you have the Bread of Life. This is the Bread we seek as our Daily Bread and not of Flour and yeast. This Bread of Life is eaten by those who have ears to hear His Word or Pre-destined of our Father. Gentiles had the Ears to hear His Word and they were the Ones who filled the Wedding Hall and none of them was thrown out. No wonder Christ Philip said, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. So, Gospel will be Preached by the Gentile and not by the spiritually sick hypocrite Jews who killed Apostles by declaring them heretic under Emperor Constantine. I have rendered exposition of this and other Gospels.

Now, Brother Raymond, these Universities Professors have found a parchment on which is written “My Wife …..” and they being Nicodemii of Letters cannot understand that we all who Preach Gospel in honour of Christ Jesus are His Spokesmen or Wives as our wives are spokeswomen of their husbands but morally bond. In spirituality, we are Free in spirit as Virgin Solitary Wives of Christ Jesus. Baptism of water by John, the Baptist in the name of Abraham is needed by the Jewish people only as they are unfaithful to Abraham, the Tares getting Bundled up for the Final Burning and for this reason, all the Labourers were men and they were Baptised by Jesus in Holy Spirit at Eucharist also called entering into the Bridal Chamber or Eucharist of Sacrifice in that after taking the Eucharist, you devote your whole life for Preaching Gospel. Eucharist served in the Churches to people who have no idea of Christ Jesus is a strong mockery of Jesus and no wonder they address Jesus and God as Lords when Lords are in the Kingdom of Satan and not in our Father’s Royal Kingdom of God. Lords have slaves that are not allowed into the House but the sons. We are sons of the Most High God, our Father and not the Lord and the slave Disciples of the Anti-Christ Pope, Dog-collared Priests, etc. to set us Free of them, Jesus became the Lamb of God. It was the Sacrifice of Jesus that Tore the curtain of the Holiest of Holy, Temple of God, from top to bottom.
I may be talking too much for you but if you care to listen to my over 2700 Youtube Videos, you will enjoy them as they are by a scientist spoken in spirit.
I enclose some t-shirt designs and the last one is in the process of making. If you know any Brother who knows computers more than us, please do so on my behalf.
In Jesus, Freely we have received and freely we give. If you need any T-shirt or Hoody, please let me know. With Philia Love of Christ Jesus,

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