The Best Prepper Back Pack

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Dec 1, 2012
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***This is from my Sensible Prepper Channel but has been so well received that I decided to add it to the Sootch00 Project. Sensible Survival Presents: "The Best Prepper Backpack" which is the Military Surplus Alice Pack. It's high value for the money spent, it's extremely rugged and Durable, it's highly versatile and the add on Cargo Shelf takes this pack to a whole new level.The Alice pack has been used by the U.S. Military to over 20 years until the '90's and has proven itself in tough situations. Found at yard sales, surplus stores, gun shows and Ebay, they run anywhere from $25 - $50 and a great buy for the quality received.Thanks for watching! Sootch00

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