Very clear UFO sighting in The Netherlands (TRANSLATION in description)

This video appeared on Holland's national UFO reporting website. The video is shot in Middelburg, Zeeland. Apparently, these two girls were sitting in their backyard when they noticed this glowing stuff in the sky.

Translation, besides the 'oh my god' and 'what the **'':

>"Huh? it's suddenly gone, look, look!"
"Look, it's back on again!"
< It's gone again!" It's on and it's off!"
>"This is not normal, Char....noo!"

Then around 0:55
"It's suddenly gone!"
"Oh no it's there"

Translation of their description:

I was in my backyard with my friend, waiting for 2 other friends , we were just chatting. suddenly we saw this oval-shaped object in the sky. it held still for about 1 minute, then it started to jump forwards, every 3 seconds.
then it held still for another minute then it disappeared. A few minutes later it appeared again ( or it was another one ) this one held still for several seconds, then it started to flicker. then we took our camera. then it disappeared.

when my 2 other friends arrived I told them everything . I don't know if this video is clear enough but this is the only proof that I can give you.


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