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It is conclusive, ireputable, forgone conclusion, the north pole is not as that ass hole Alex Jones states in Siberia, and will not be according to the data for another 8 yrs. We are at or gone past 0 degrees or prime meridien or if you like 20 degrees or 1200 miles or half way point in this pole shift, and according to the trends dating back to 1860 whereby the north pole took up its anchor and started its journey across the northern hemisphere, as it broke loose it gradually began to pick up momentum, and we are talking an enormous, super large inursia, and gradually as it has progressed through the late 1800's to the late 1900's and hereby the new millenium up until 2012 doubled and tripled its speed, this my friends is the truth, you know throughout this utube researcher, myself as you have followed me through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the wrongs and rights, here today we have landed our feet on cast iron foundations, solid facts, now with the help of others from around the world unassisted by NASA, CERN, and other official scientific bodies, we now know within an accuracy of 70 miles the true and current location of the magnetic north pole, we also know that it has increased along its line of trajectory in speed, as the graphs show. Ladies and Gentleman, friends and brothers we are 8 yrs out of a real magnetic reversal of the earths polarity, we are less than a 1000 miles away from this happening, and it is to my understanding we are approaching that destination of the all important 40 degrees at a rate of 145 miles per yr, join me as we explore the effects in which we encounter today and through the coming months on this expidition that i have encountered and welcomed you as my fellow human beings to join in with me. The only thing i have to say is that before us is unchartered territory, unchartered territory into the storm and i applaud you as i am unsure to what is to forcome us in this storm and i urge you from this day take precautions take counter measures and prepare, and you know what i mean because i have said it over and over again, food, water, shelter. Guys we have surpassed the honey moon it appears we are over the half way point anything can happen here on out, take nothing for granted and be ready, if anything be ready for your families needs, there are stranger things occuring as of now than you can possibly imagine, and it is these things our quest in truth and understanding that we aim for. Best Gene

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