Prudent Places, a guide to Strategic Relocation ( Bugging Out ) part2

An economic crisis hits, that threatens your livleyhood, job, family, saftey, your pensions, investments and other so-called "guaranteed" income? A disaster halts the inflow of food and business goods? Will your community provide the basic necessities of life?
Do you have a safe place to go? How will you get there?
Joel Skousen is a how to survivalist author, and retreat consultant who specializes in preparedness topics, particularly survival retreat and fallout shelter design and construction. The featured book in this video "strategic relocation" or Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places is a GREAT reference. It covers state by state and narrows down to specific reagons in each state the best locations. This is not like other relocation books which are from the socker moms point of view, it is more for the prepper/ survivalist mindset. I do recomend that it should be part of everyones prepairdness library.
What books do you recomend for a preppers library ?
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