Wow! It's Really Bad. Plutonium in FISH! Faults under Nuclear Reactors, Fukushima Update 11/30/12

KevinDBlanch channel here: uploaded edited with his permission.
Fukushima breaking news, 12/01/12 are worst fears confirmed, AGAIN, PU by kevin d blanch
Fukushima worst confirmed, radiated children need evacuation
More Fukushima Footage Released: "We have confirmed a worst situation — Water containing extremely high levels of radiation flowing into sea" (VIDEO)
TEPCO releases more Fukushima footage

The future of energy disputed in the upcoming elections - mid December.

Fault lines under OHI and Tsuruga examined. Yes, I said FAULT LINES DIRECTLY UNDER NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS.. AND THESE FUCKERS ARE DEBATING WHETHER THEY ARE ACTIVE OR NOT... I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Hitachi and Mitsubichi Heavy Industry (MHI) to target more nuclear power plant building overseas in a joint venture...

***Important*** Tepco Releases more footage from the early days proving they purposely dumped a LOT OF RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION INTO THE PACIFIC OCEAN BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE STORAGE CONTAINERS FOR THEM. NOTE THAT Tepco released 332 Hours of Japan only video and censored it to only 2 hours for reporters to view and take notes, however, nobody was even allowed to take a copy of even the tepco edited version home. "eyes only"...

Nuclear regulator issues new exposure estimate

Again, Kevin stresses the importance of such an event. Stay Tuna-ed. The next 2 vids are pretty powerful.

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Okay, I have a lot more to do tonight, so that's it for now.

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