Make God Your True Love - FULL

In this discourse, Louix Dor Dempriey dispels the myth that another person can be your Twin Flame. Only God can be your Twin Flame and you must enter into a Divine Romance if you want to find true fulfillment. Make God your best friend, lover, confidante, mentor - your everything. If you invoke God into your life over and over, you'll become intoxicated with passion, adventure, and excitement. When God is your beloved, he may bless you with a blissful human relationship, but realize it doesn't belong to you. You must offer it back to God and use it to bring others to God. See yourselves as the Keepers of the Flame, never its owners. You can't own the flame of God's love any more that you can touch fire. See each other as portals to access and deepen your own romance with God.

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