MARK DICE COINTELPRO ? Illuminati Book writer author Investigator expert on Illuminati ..DONT get all butt-hurt. I got some AJ stuff fucking "followers" Dice already has me blocked calling him out on his bafoonery. I kinda have an issue with Dice debunking shit while not even blasting Jones for recently revealed (emboldened) Stratfor connections. That's not suspicious of you at all, Dice... who can't be bothered with FACTS: at least 2 gas masks, possible 3 based on Police reporting. Everything MarkyMark came up with linguistic programing and all...was not correct, when responding to the issues provided him....this based on watching the reporting REAL TIME in MAKAELECTRICS BLOG show...and from everything collected by people...not selling the ILLUMNATI BOOK "buy my book" MARK DICE

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