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Israel must occupy the Promised Land for Bundling up of the Jews, unfaithful to Abraham Tares - Matt.13.v24-30.

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Hi Brethren,
Israel must occupy the Promised Land for Bundling up of the Jews, unfaithful to Abraham Tares. Sons of Abraham are Righteous tribal people and Jew inwardly or spiritual.
Israel is estableshed to Bundle up the Tares, Matt.13.v24-30, for the Final Burning through Atomic War expected in 2018 when Israel is 70 years old. So, Israel has the right to occupy the Promised Land for bringing their people from all over the world back as they were bundled up in 66 A.D. before the destruction of Temple and throwing the Unfaithful to Abraham people out of the Promised Land in 70 A.D. In 62 A.D., the Jews killed St.James, the Just and after two years all the just people left Jerusalem for mountain Preira. So, what was left over in Jerusalem were people worse than Soddom and Gomrah, the hypocrites. Then, they became so bad that the village people started to kill Jews, old and young, that made them to run for Jerusalem for protection. When they were nicely Bundled up, then Roman full of hatred against them, besieged them in 66 A.D. and the Jews died like Pigs that Christ Jesus demonstrated by drowning the 2000 Swines at a place where they were bad and a man of Christ was condemning them violently but they chained him and locked him in a graveyard so that no one will be able to listen to him in the silence of a graveyard. This man identified Christ Jesus as the Son of Most High and Jesus told him to hold his Peace. People will reap whatever they sow. So, you do not need to worry and shout at them. That is how the Jews died during the Four years of siege like the Pigs eating anything that even pigs would not eat.

History will repeat again and after the attack on Iran, Jewish people will be forced to run for Israel and they need to be accommodated. And this will be done over the Promised Land. In this Dark Age, Mammon rules and unrighteousness is his hallmark. USA, U.K. and some other countries where Mammon and Media rules, such countries are the colonies of the Jews. They may make hue and cry to justify to the world at large but they being the slaves of the Jews, cannot resist the atrocities of Israel.

The same pattern as after the death of Jesus is going to follow and when you see the Jews rushing for Israel after causing the economic chaos in different countries, then the ATOMIC WAR is not far away.

Be righteous and take the side of God for Protection and survival. Unrighteousness is of the Satan of the most high order and his sons would be punished that world has not seen before.

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