Social Justice and Its Critics

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Find LearnLiberty on Facebook: many, the concept of social justice means equalizing wealth or opportunities for people. Many classical liberals and libertarians reject the idea of government-directed social justice. Some reject it because they think it is impractical or even immoral. Others reject it because they believe the idea is conceptually confused. Prof. Matt Zwolinski explains that the primary problem in the social justice concept is that free societies lack a central distributor to ensure wealth, jobs, opportunities, resources, or other goods are distributed "equally" or "fairly." Libertarians and classical liberals find that the only meaningful concept of social justice is one focused on the legal and economic rules of societies. Many think this focus is incompatible with the political left's concept of social justice. Stay tuned to the next LearnLiberty video by Prof. Zwolinski to find out why he disagrees.Find LearnLiberty on...Twitter: Website: More!Matt Zwolinkski's response to common libertarian critiques of social justice: A basic outline of the Robert Nozick/John Rawls debate on social justice: An essay on the meaning of "social justice", including Hayek's definition and dismissal of it: America Magazine interview with an advocate of the Liberation Theology brand of social justice: A. Hayek argues that the term "social justice" has no real meaning: A brief overview of how social justice fits into Noam Chomsky's "libertarian-socialism": Text of a lecture describing Hayek's skepticism of social justice:

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