Strange UFO Captured from Space Shuttle

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Dec 6, 2012
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Ghost like UFO captured onboard STS 115 Shuttle Mission. In the description it is described as unidentified debris. This thing is pretty odd. To me it kind of looks likes a Jelly Fish. This is one of my favorite UFO sightings from space. Here is the link to the original photo Happy UFO hunting! Be sure to check out the UFO sightings blog athttp://ufosightingz.blogspot.comand like the facebook fan page at sure to follow UFO Clouds on Twitter at Look Up UFO's Could be flying above you!Music by UFO CloudsImage by NASADescription of photo from NASA site:S115-E-07201 (19 Sept. 2006) --- This picture of unidentified possible small debris was recorded with a digital still camera by astronaut Daniel Burbank onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis around 11 a.m. (CDT) today. Engineers do not believe this to be the same object seen in video taken by shuttle TV cameras earlier in the day.

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