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I. Contrail vs. Chemtrail. A. A contrail dispurses. A chemtrail spreads into cloud cover and sometimes has fallout (cob-web like filaments, red/yellow powders, milky-white fluid). II. Purposes (??? weather modification, protection from ozone holes, bio-vaccination, culling - ???) A. Weather modification. * Openly stated goal of the US Military is "owning the weather" * UN environmental Program "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" * UN "Capacity Development Initiative" on climate change ... in partnership with THE WORLD BANK as financiers (remember Seattle protests) * Dr. Bernard Eastlund took up the Tesla theories. Eastlund released his research and concernns on the internet AFTER the military took over, to cover his butt. * When DOD took over Dr. Eastlund's research, the birth of HAARP took place. HAARP is based in Alaska and it is being applied to the Earth's ionosphere for weather control and mind control purposes. "Angels Don't Play This HAARP", Dr. Nick Begich [Earthpulse Press, PO Box 201393, Anchorage, AK 99520]; Concerned citizens group paper at * US Air Force IS involved. Early April 2000, KC135s were grounded and during the period immediately following spraying reports across the US significantly dropped. See (OVER 700 ...

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