Syrian Rebels: West 'Creating' Chemical Weapons Stories

  • Uploaded by Grey on Dec 7, 2012
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*!AMTV MEDIA NOW LIVE!* NOW!! TO AMTVmedia!!! back to AMTV News, I'm your anchor Topher Morrison. It's Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.[GEOPOLITICS/WORLD]BREAKING - Syrian Rebels: 'West Fabricating Chemical Weapons Stories'WTOP, CBS every corner of alternative media watch AMTV News Monday -- Friday. For more videos like these visit, home of the AMTV Network. The Voice of Independents. DESCRIPTION:In today's video, Topher Morrison covers Syria and the barrage of news that claims Bashar al-Assad is mixing chemicals intended to use on his own people. In fact rebels have purportedly similar weapons and have threatened to use them.

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