US Debt - Visualized in physical $100 bills

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Dec 8, 2012
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"The money in the video has already been spent" See more Economic Infographics @ http://Demonocracy.infoSoundtrack Composer: Lauris Reiniks (more info below)US Debt Ceiling @ $16.4 TrillionArticle - US Debt Visualized - Fiscal Cliff Visualized can you help?To help pay off the US Federal Government debt you can go to and pay/donate as much as you like. Soundtrack Copyright: Track: Es SkrienuComposer: Lauris ReiniksArranged by: Tomas ZemlerOriginal Song: Label: Micrec & EMI Music Publishing Baltics to use soundtrack personally authorized by Lauris Reiniks

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