Were Greek "gods" Alien Beings ??

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One of the main figures responsible for popularizing the ancient astronaut hypothesis, Erich von Dniken, discussed his theories, and his latest work, which posits that the Greek "gods" were ET beings who arrived here many thousands of years ago. People think of the Greek myths as like science-fiction of the past, with mixed beings like centaurs, fantastic creatures such as dragons, and tales of powerful weapons and ships. Rather than myth, he's concluded that these accounts reflect what might have actually gone on in the deep past. The god/ET Poseidon mated with an Earth woman, and so to protect his new family, he created Atlantis, von Dniken explained. Plato spoke about Atlantis and a great war that had taken place 9000 years earlier (11500 years from our time). The ETs that visited Greece were present in Egypt earlier, von Dniken continued. He also spoke about his research in the Andes, where he investigated a prehistoric city, Puma Punku, that has artifacts of great precision that could not have been made by stone age people. The pre-Incan god Viracocha was another visiting extraterrestrial, he suggested. Biography: Erich von Dniken first presented more than forty years ago his theory of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient world. Erich von Dniken is the best-selling non-fiction author of all time. His 29 books have sold more than 63 million copies and have been translated into 32 languages. Besides creating a whirlwind of conspiracy, his work has had a far ...

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