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some of you will ask: "SOURCE please..." IF you really want to know message me in private...thank you. there are 10 alien races on the video: 1 there's no image available...2 are out of the game....6 exist both on the book and the game (but were on the book years before the game came out)...and 1 only exists on the book...there's even 1 that appeared on a tv series...Bioware worked with the producers when making alien creatures !

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  • Terry72763#

    Terry72763 July 13, 2013 6:43:27 AM CEST

    The WORS'T'are a race all to their own. 35'ft Tall, Maximum Muscle mass, Enhanced Brain chemistry, Immortal, and indifferent to lesser types. Creators of Humanoid drones, of many types as needed for the atmosphere they will operate in. Several of the mentioned Types are not actual beings, but were created for the planets and environments they operate in. such as Creptoids a 12 legged drone for worlds with an acidic gaseous, covering with Greviuos gravity levels. a Drawing i saw, it looked like an aracnoid whale. Wors'T' Are so old the origin of them kind is unknown to their own history.
    Traveled the Galaxies for near 7 Billion Earth years, Wors''T'are an Off World Type Level unknown! The smaller Armadas travel with Tubes as large in diameter as Neptune. They are like Humongous Cages, made of a metal mined out of Dark Stars and weigh Thousands of Metric tons per cubic Centimeter, and are near impervious to heat, cold, radiation waves, weapons are useless as the impact doesn't com close to the massive forces needed to influence the Super dense materials. A Diamond cutting tool would not even Polish this Ceramic metal.the cages are for repair, replenishment, re-armament, and Stowing of vessels as it makes it's way through The voids Between Galaxies, Harnessing the energy which travels the whole Universe since the first object emitted energy. Space they tell me is not empty but Completely Full of light energies, waves and pulses. How many stars can "WE" see? and the light has been coming at us for Billions of years, some of it, and has been radiating out in all directions, crossing paths with others until the whole of a Region is Filled with this Unseen energy. A tedious process to utilize, but Wors'T' say they are a Wealthy Bunch and think not of difficulties, of Technology, Time or Distances.
    Man is but a Single Cell. to the Abilities, Not known of this Type. The Region the came from is out in the Quasar Nets, as it was conveyed to the listening. They have been sending communications across our sector for more Time than Earth has had life. Asked if we will be able to listen in, and a chuckle that felt like an earth tremor came from one called " WERRS'T' "(an advocate allowed to entertain his amusement by amusing himself with our thought Pocessi , and questions) He sneered a simple Not for another 4 Thousand spins of our Galaxy as it was told. the units used are not even in our neighborhood as he explained the medium we would need comes from the {above-dark?} energy spectrum of a quasar. As best our mind is capable of, is...as We know of light spectrum's. radio spectrum's, and wave spectum's...They see in energy spectrum's of which we have none to refer to, nor experiment with. If the [Trap?] it is contained in on the cage were to be opened!! He stated Life in this Galaxy would Surely Perish..All forms. Well because it needs to flow in from a Quasar in low levels, and long Times, so our DNA can catch-up to the reconfiguration in order to survive.
    I'VE SAID ENOUGH>> and all those others are mere students in a cosmos, Only WORS'T' knows the expanse of, and the forces within it. NONE but WORS'T' ;can travel in the "Quasar Net Fields"

  • wildman#

    wildman June 16, 2013 1:45:35 PM CEST

    This is the biggest load of crap EVER !!!!

  • Bgddy#

    Bgddy December 10, 2012 5:20:58 AM CET

    1:45 has jose escamillia's"flying rods"

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