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GIANT UFO Near The SUN, Dec 9, 2012.mp4

  • Grey
  • uploaded: Dec 10, 2012
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-For More Exclusive Information on UFO-Antarctique: Phnomnes la station Neumayer III, 21 novembre 2012.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/antarctique-phenomenes-la-station.html-2 OVNIS capturs par Curiosity Mars, le 20 novembre 2012http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/2-ovniscaptures-par-curiosity-mars-le.html-NASA MARS Curiosity:Dcouverte de blocs en briques de Pyramide, 23 Novembre 2012.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/nasa-mars-curiosity-decouverte-deblocs.html-Soucoupe magnifique, photographi par la NASA 2012http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/blog-post_22.html-Ovni qui sort du volcan Popocatpetl, 15 Novembre 2012, 3h.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/ovni-qui-sort-du-volcan-popocatepetl-15.html-Note d'information sur les images d'un objet lumire sur Popocatpetl 25 Octobre 2012.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/note-dinformation-sur-les-imagesdun.html-Mystrieux objet photographi depuis la Station spatiale internationale, Novembre 2012http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/mysterieuxobjet-photographie-depuis-la.html-OVNI trange, objet pris sur l'ISS, La Passerelle de la photographie astronaute de la Terre 2012.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/ovnietrange-objet-pris-sur-liss-la.html-Capturer objet non identifi sur cratre de Popocatpetl.http://areazone51ufos.blogspot.be/2012/11/capturerobjet-non-identifie-sur-cratere.htmlhttp://www.youtube.com/EriGIA007http://www.youtube.com/UFOvni2012http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/EriGIA007-UFO-2012-MAYA/306418886046269-ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYING OR REPRODUCTION IN ANY MEDIA ARE PROHIBITED.Thanks For Watching My Friends--- B -- ---- PC ---

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  • MickyMouse#

    MickyMouse December 10, 2012 8:58:59 PM CET

    Really interesting vid, thanks Grey. If the objects near the sun however look similar to those in the extra vids inserted, how do they fit? Those objects near the sun are many times larger than the Earth so couldn't possibly exist in our atmosphere but the similarities are pretty cool huh. Good work.

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