Yellow Orb Morphs into a Predator UFO December 8 2012 (West Texas)

Here are 2 things I find strange about all of this...

1. Why when taking the primary file from my computer to any movie maker does it not let me view 15 seconds of this object (Which is the best part.) ?? I can watch it on my primary file before transferring and I see it. The strange part about that is its 4 minutes 30 seconds into the clip before I lose that 15 seconds!!! Thus is why it's taken me 3 days to put this up. I figured I could find another program that would let me view that 15 seconds but nothing..


2.) Why did this object choose to disappear behind the only thing I had in my way for viewing it, and then turn into a plane 20 seconds later heading West?? as well as taking me another minute to find it on my cam after morphing?!?!

I would have thought with the brightness of it's lights I would have seen it to the East way before that pole!! but i didn't see it until it was right there!!


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Much love.


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